Do’s & Dont’s For A Escort

safety tips are key to keeping safe

Here is a bunch of do’s and don’ts that should keep you out of trouble.

*Do your best to be anonymous.

*Never give out your home address. Some clients are known to be obsessed with a escort, which ican be dangerous.

*Always have a work phone. This will help keep work and personal life seperate You can easily get a PAYG phone.

*Don’t carry anything in your purse that personally identifies you. this could backfire badly.

*Payment is the most important thing to consider. The client should always pay in advance for your escort services this should be as soon as you arrive. Never let the client pay afterwards as you might not get your money.

*Avoid accepting payments by debit or credit card. No UK banks endorse the escort industry and will take away your payment privaleges and more often the not keep your money also clients can easily phone their credit card company and put a stop on a payment.

*Check your cash, if a client pays you in notes count it, dont just take there word for it. Also having a pen checker comes in handy to detect fraudalent notes.

*Once you have agreed to see eachother on the phone, make it clear to him about the terms and conditions.

*Don’t accept a booking if you’re unsure about client. Go with your gut feeling.

*The first thing that you should do is verify the address of your client. Check it on google maps / Maps.

*Have a driver drive you to the client’s place. This way you know that you have somebody waiting for you if things don’t go so well.

*When to Cancel

*Here are a few situations where you should cancel your booking.

*If you arrive at your client’s place and find more people with him, leave. iTS VERY RISKY

*Don’t carry too much cash in your purse.

*Always let the client know the driver is waiting outside for you, It will let the client know that he needs to behave.

*Always text your driver to say your comfortable in the booking and as your about to leave 

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